Monday, August 11, 2008

It's on!

by perca

What can I say..It's on, ****!!!

Damn, finally, after all the codes, rules, graphics, more rules! The board is finally done, after long months of study and scripting..I can't say I'm not excited, in fact I'm scared, this is finally rolling!

And how rude of me: hello there, readers. This is the official blog of Limestripe and this is your friendly moderator, perca speaking here! If you are reading this, I guess you know what is Limestripe and such..If not...well, all you need to do is take a quick look at here and get introduced to the magic world of waltdis.. a-hem, LIMESTRIPE comics community!

Ok, enough chitchat for now, this blog main purpose is to announce events rolling on the boards and report interesting stuff for everybody whiling to know what happens on the boards and also ideas still being implemented on the main site.

This blog will be updated more often than the "News and Updates" section of the boards, since some subjects posted here are just speculation and not-so-sure-to-happen plans. Everybody is welcome to share opinions here. With the introduction mode, let's start this already, board reports!

Beta test period is open!

Since we're still testing things inside the boards, some stuff can still get changed on the beta period of August-September, but the boards will be opened to public for beta already.

Nothing different will happen insode the events section, but on these 2 beta testing months, there will be no requirements for members to give characters a try on the clash arenas. All that need to be done plus more in dept information on that matter can be found on here.

Some graphics can also be modified on the period of August-September, since I'm still working with baratacom on the main board image maps and other illustrations. As soon as those things are done and working, I'll let everybody know.

The clocks can get insane for a while, since I'm still fixing some stuff on the script, but nothing to worry about. I just need to test some more things on them (and also find a proper place to host em).

Still thinking about the shout box option on the portal page - since we've got a proper chat room, I'm not sure if a shout box is really need, but I'm still open for opinions on this matter; let me know what do you think.

Another thing was the radio station idea, but it got scrapped as soon as we noticed how annoying and lag element it can be for a board with a thousand widgets rolling at the same time. The radio idea is dead.

Any features ideas that would make the site fancier? I'm listening! The rest of the staff has the final word, but sharing is as great as apple pie!

Be my guest and don't ever stop believing!

perca says ninja poof and see you soon, fellas!

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